Wine should be shared, not sold.  On grand levels and those smaller.  As a consumer, I hate being pitched.  I love conversation, new people, new approaches to varietals and new stories.  If there’s a connection or discovered affinity, then I’ll buy.  If not, I don’t, and it’s not a big deal.  As one who sells wine, I invite people to taste whatever’s being offered, and I look forward to what they’re going to say.  Yes, I’m elated when someone buys a case or three (like yesterday).  But, I feel similar dynamic charge when someone falls in love with only one of the pours and buys just one bottle.  I’m sharing what I have behind the bar and I don’t want to convince anyone to like anything.  If you want to talk “sales”, it should be framed in the vocabulary of relationships…  These are the customers, clients, or club members (if you have a club) that perpetuate their purchases, and tirelessly, eagerly return.

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