Blends fascinate me.  Part of me knows why while the other just enjoys the result of randomized or purposeful amalgamation.  Different characters working together to sing the song right, to punctuate and create a certain world.  The day I sipped a blend of Merlot, Cab, and Petit Verdot, and I was startled by how it utterly contrasted what I expected to taste.  This was a positive transaction, of course, and I poured myself a second glass eager to see how the room’s oxygen would change it.  Since this bottle—and maybe a bit before as the curiosity prior sent me to the store to find something blended—I’ve been scouring shelves for blends.  Whatever I can find.. Bordeaux, Rhône, some whacky Zin Frankenstein of a bottle.  Whatever.  I want to taste new choruses and varietal compilations.

Still on my hunt, and I see it being so for some time.  Just a consumer looking for something new.

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