Ready for English 1A, 4:14. 

Professor getting more creative and innovative with his meetings, here.  So for 1A, going to do something different than I did in 100.. what, I don’t know.  I’ll let the room tell me.  The actual room I’m in.  Hoping tomorrow I’ll encounter some new wines, something to write about.  Still haven’t written about those Thanksgiving Pinots that Mom & Dad and Katie supplied.  One goal for tomorrow— a photo.  Just one.  Post to blog, and use it as “anchoring content”.  More than likely, it’ll be of the Dutcher Crossing Vineyard, one of the many blocks on property.  Should walk around a bit and explore more, go down that dividing road in the middle of the estate.  Explore more.. capture more images.. ideas in my head.. leading me to my eventual vineyard…

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