10/31/16. (for #MotivationMonday)  

img_8210Halloween.  Already had one person, another adjunct, say to me with obvious objection, “Nice costume.” Me sitting here trying to get gradin started in my jeans, grey sweater.  Didn’t have time to find a costume, sorry.  What I was thinking…  Anyway, English 100 papers graded, now I have 10:06 left in the 1 hour and 10 minute countdown time thing on my phone to get papers graded and recorded.  Like I told wife this morning, I want the grading out of my life.  So… between 100 and 1A, I’ll attack the 1A papers.  Wonder how many will come to class, as it’s Halloween.  Not that it’s some prophetically usable reason to miss class, but I’m just curious to see how many show.

After dropping off babies and taking some treats to Alice’s classroom, for her students, some party they’re having, I went home, hopped in shower and readied for campus quicker than I have in years.  No run this morning as I wanted, and this is the first time I sit to type.  I’m committed to never again ‘having grading to do’, the euphemistic phrasing I employ when I’m horrifically behind.  Nearly done with the large coffee I bought from the campus café next to the cafeteria.  I can already sense the stress of students as this semester starts to close.  Usually when November lands, that’s when it starts to shift— students walking around rushed, many more than usual with coffee, not talking to many as they each other pass…  Interesting to me.  Makes me miss being a student.  But the one attribute of the late-semester mood I admire and more want to emulate, is that rush— that intention, intensity, the growl of needing to get it done.  Some would say “hustle”, I would say dash, or sprint, mission or expedition.  Whatever your word, you want something.  You will drive over anything that gets in your way of that something.  MY motivation this Monday is closing the semester, readying already for Spring 2017.  Only having one class, having more money making opportunities for my family, building my business, telling more stories…  Raise my cup and toast to last sentence and this new reality I’m creating.

Less than 2 minutes left in the grading papers clock.  Have to take some notes for 100 meeting, but I don’t want to go in too prepared.  I want to write a story with them today, and the remainder of the days in the semester.  I’m not dressed up today ‘cause I already know what I want to be, how I want to be seen.  Like this, a tireless writer who will keep telling his story till he gets to where he wants and needs to be.  The wine story evermore making me confident that there’s more material and story, value, in the vineyard than I’ve ever thought or known.  For now, though, keep writing.  Keep thinking.  Keep with the coffee.  Oh don’t worry.  I will.  Me, leave my coffee?  Never.  If I would have gone today as someone who never drinks coffee… well…..  That would have been hilarious.