20-something minutes left

in my 90 minute content challenge.  Done with burrito, still shocked with Melissa’s grandmother’s death.  More than sudden.  Have to live for now.  Got a little lazy there in the 90 minutes, going on social accounts and just zoning out.  Hate that I do that.  Hem never did that.  Kerouac… Plath… Faulkner.  No.  But they probably drank.  Could use a beer right now.  Going to let 1A go early, may go to Whole Foods, have a quick beer then go home.  Get cash, you need cash.  Have to prep wine post for tomorrow, grade some papers, get up early tomorrow, do some budgeting.  Always something to do.  Love it.  What keeps the writer alive.  Time now 4:18… can leave now, even if the 90 minutes follows me into the classroom for a bit.  Start with music.. know what the assignment will be, give them some prompts and let them go.  Less than 16 minutes left in 90 minute countdown, and 9 minutes till I want to be in classroom.  And circles…  And circles…  And circles…

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