Like water.  How necessary it is for life, for everything.  So be the words, the moments I translate…  TRAVEL.  Realizing now that travel is needed.  More than needed.  I have my list of targets.  Paris, of course…  New York, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, Nebraska (see what Kerouac saw), Tennessee…  I’m unrealistic sounding,  I know a bit, but I want to see everything.  Spoke to my students last night about inspiration being everywhere, so why not go and be everywhere?  See everything.  See as many everywhere’s as you can?  The story’s out there, in the world, for me and me to record…  These are just thoughts at a desk but more than thoughts at a desk, in between addressing envelopes.  I stare out at the vineyard and dream– or more so believably see myself– see my Self sipping wine, seated, back to some old barn in a Nebraska or Iowa field, and scribbling.

If I’m narrating my life, some life”style”, it must stitch snapshots of travel, new places and streets, streetlights and small family-owned stores, even parking tickets for stopping my rental where I shouldn’t have.  I need volumes of new everything’s.  Today injects Newness with colder weather than we’ve in a while had.  So I run and sprint, scribble with and to that.  If I don’t have Newness, I dry up, I die, I stop and so does every story I measure or think of projecting.  Creative dehydration can’t be let even a mile near this writer.

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