Mini-mini-mini Lecture 5:  Night

Don’t misuse the evening.  You may be tired, and I get that, I’m tired right now writing this, so tempted to be lazy and just watch some stupid show.  But nothing will get done.  Nothing will be written.  My story won’t be told.  You’re tempted to go to sleep.  Write instead.  Everyone’s situation is different, but mine right now– kids and wife asleep.  I need to write.  If I don’t, it’s a wasted night.  A death of sorts.  So, using it wisely or at least intently.  I want to go to bed, when I finally do, knowing I’m done.  Feeling it.  I want to be tired from effort, not tired ’cause I think I’m supposed to be under sheets, with skull on a pillow.  The day is over.  I’ve written.  You?  What do you want to say on page, prior to close of YOUR day?