Ideal Known Place

Thinking this project, the whole ’30’ effort’s to take a different shift.  And no, I’m not giving up or surrendering my aim of going 30 straight days with my writing in some musical and expanded direction to get me closer to my travels—  I’m changing the mission, reorganizing efforts and resources, the same way a general would in war, do what’s best for the mission.  So.. instead of being so focused on 3 pages a day, I will produce 1 standalone article, of at least 500 words, everyday till the last day of this current sprint which is August 18th.  Thought this morning on run that if I was to just blast through 3 pages a day for 30 days, much of that writing would be lost, or just left to rot away in this laptop.  BUT… if I focus on one strong article per day for 30 days, I have a healthy number of pieces that I can post and re-post and re-use or submit for whatever, wherever.

In adjunct office now.  Don’t want to teach but I’m going to make myself.  Time is 5:16.  Should do a couple pushups… why not.

Done.  Huh… surprised how quickly I did those.  Waking early tomorrow morning, to get my article done.  Tonight I’ll write down possible topics.. and they have to be unique to me, my aims, what I want to talk about when on the Road…  Keep thinking, “Roman candles, Roman candles… Burn, BURN!” I need be, I need do.  And so should you.  So burn on, let’s burn together and get what we want.  No more settling, no more dreaming.  Time for doing, attaining, ready ourselves for a handle of the tangible.  When we’re in our dreams, where we see ourselves.  We won’t just ‘see’ anymore, but enjoy directly and tangibly what we’ve always wanted to see.  We’re there… We’re there…