Struggle Ship

Slow to wake this morning.  Already a good distance into the coffee, and not as awake as I should be.  No run this morning…  Still with scratchy throat…  Blah mood.  Today, 18th, marking the end of the first 30-day stretch.  Have till day’s end for something amazing to blossom for sales of getting me to the Road, or closer.
I’ll be noting throughout the day.. Or try.  Can’t understand why I’m so tired and sluggish.  Could be from waking up with Emma a couple times last night– in fact I’m positive that’s it.  See?  I’m even thinking at a lethargic elephant seal’s pace this morning.  Alice and Emmie still asleep–  goddamnit, I say nearly aloud but catch myself since Jack is right next to me on couch but he’s watching now a cartoon so doubtable he would have paid me a mind’s sliver…  Why don’t I wake earlier?  Want to be more like that fitness blogger I follow working out at ungodly hours, while everyone else is either asleep or at some bar drinking completely wasting the short time they have in mortal mold.

7:57–  no way we’re making it to the SF zoo, now.  And I don’t much mind–  I mean, I do feel bad Jackie won’t get to see the animals but a relaxing family day here in the studio could be more advantageous and a better spending of day.

Papers to grade, of course.  Waiting to hear back on SSU classes…  Lots on the writer’s mind.  I’d have something together by now, plan-wise, had i earlier risen.
THINK!  I tell myself–

About what?

Teaching independent online classes, or holding writing seminars.. Locally… Ask winery owner, maybe.  OR… Friends’ winery.. Now ideas stream like strong winds from approaching storms.  Class about writing in the vineyard.. Not writing ABOUT  the vineyard, but drawing from the vineyard’s, or vineyards’, elements and visual composition and visual to forward the writing.  Just a thought at the moment, but, yes, I need to wake earlier if im to build these ideas and teach independently as I want, travel with my lectures, writing and help other writers and writing about the teaching act more creatively–

Coffee left but I don’t want to stop writing, or actually thumbing on phone.  Huh, I say to myself, will be interesting to see the reaction of readers when this book is released, to how some parts were written on phone.  As a father, writing father, you can’t be at your laptop whenever you want.  And can’t have an exposed composition book and pen out, as this little china shop bull could lunge for it, Avalanche into silly mode taking my writing and patience with him.


I think.
For tonight’s meeting:  use what’s around you to write… (15 minutes)

Open mic–

Poetry exploration, poetic qualities, poetry’s voice– music in writing…

Visuals, messages from visuals… How objects argue, make arguments and rile inner identity..