me:  6/29/16

A run.  Soon.  And a long one.  One testing me. Cup of coffee already at right, babies still sleeping.  So another moment of respite for this of-late agitated writer..  Found Garmin, charging now.  Writing my sentence in the Happiness Project journal Nat’ me gifted.  Wish she were in the Summer section, her and Sarah (no need to mention them protectively as we’ve become quite tight friends in weeks since class).

Big glug of the coffee and I can’t wait for the day.  Being it is Wednesday, I have to not get too enthused, or too charges with optimism as there’s tomorrow, Thursday, which is like a Tuesday and no letting them go early as I did last night.  So.. on a writer goes, into his day, editing MINIMALLY, and running faster than time can catch me.

Reminder:  Register for race in September.. which one…  found one.  In Petaluma.  Today’s run, between 10 and ‘half’ distance.  Need be fully ready, and my self-esteem is to be unusually high before these halves— or, well, it always should be.  A quote in the happiness journal has the writer thinking about his actions and how they relate to my self-estimation—  “More risks!” I say to myself, “More challenging of Self!” Done.  Today’s run is going to be quite long…  Can’t wait.

Wees still asleep— or no, there’s Em…