Before the Week

Made it through the day, one which didn’t tax me too tempestuously.  Was busy at times, but the 8 hours were well weathered.  No wine tonight, graded papers, now I enjoy a tick and a tock to self.  Lecture in the morning, waking at 4, should set alarm—  just did.  Bag packed, papers arranged… the writer feels off being so prepared and ahead of his Monday.  So much content to go through from the day— walk in the vineyards, pictures in morning with Jackie (only a couple I think), video of vineyard walk, then notes in little pages, more pictures.. meditations… have to keep with my written content, not let anything trump that— ugh, ‘trump’, hate that word now, and I mean really fucking hate it.

Need a couple more emails for newsletter list.  Goal is ten.  Could just go through emails past and find some— you know what, why not.  But first, think of tomorrow.. wake in morning, get writing done, sort through pictures, plan lecture for ‘5’, take notes for blog, then new blog design.  Putting all on calendar, now.  Have to be organized, treat my goals like ancient relics that even if mishandled they crack, CRACK.

No wine tonight, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Tempted to go to bed… or write in the living room under that more-ambient lighting.  Or take notes on other bloggers and what they’re doing to escape the stale railings of working life…  Studying, and seeing that I can produce immeasurably more magnetic and conversation-catalyzing material than most of what I’m reading.  Have to test Self.. more exposure to newness.  Like with tonight; made self grade papers, no wine.. what else can I do?  Wake at 4.  3000 words by NOON!  And all to blog.

Woodnotes in my head, all my thinking dominated by tomorrow, and the next tomorrow, and all the tomorrows.