from today’s 3,000 words

…I know one idea I wrote in there: DISCUSSION.  And yes, in big three times written-over words that tell me to revolve around that word.  In writing, teaching, traveling, thinking…  Sometimes you need to have a discussion with yourself to find some remedy.. AH HA!!!!  Have to share that with students.. now!  Be right back—

Done.  AND, paid a couple bills.  Not bad on money, right now.  Need to sell some pieces though, like Ms. Jewel (Molly calls her ‘Missy J’, or ‘Missy Missy J Bug’).  I could budget $300 for printing pieces, but I’m worried they’d just collect dust, that I wouldn’t sell a goddamn thing.  Okay.. then just print ten, and try to sell them.. ten at a time.  What, you can sell other peoples’ wines but you can sell your own pages?

I thought so.

Started today’s writing with “I Am”.  And what am I?  Writer, independent— artist, visualist.  Teacher.  Working for Self.  A STUDENT.  Taking notes.  Taking note, of everything.  Everything is art, is to be recorded, is something to sell— keys, coffee, wallet, the carpet in this office, the cold appearance of the file cabinets— everything mine and the page’s.  “Less means Better,” someone said to me recently.  Can’t remember who, I think some winery owner or manager who wanted to sound prophetic or sagacious or something, but it echoed in me.  Still does.

I don’t need much.  I just need something.  Maybe a couple somethings.