Away Beautiful Break

Parked just past Sbragia, by the dam.  Only writing time I’ll have today.  Didn’t bring laptop, so I type in phone which I hate.  But I have to write somehow.  Quiet in this part of DC.  See a sign for Lake Sonoma, and I think that’s the dam behind me.  Going to be taking notes all day, and singular words, ideas.  Shorter sentences, nothing long, even if I have time.  Stopping again to look around….  Green everywhere, landslide behind me in rich arching green hill, picnic tables right.. Couple passing cars.. 910.. Start my way back to winery soon, for meeting and breakfast from Oakville.. Stated in poem earlier that today would be magnanimous, mammoth.. And how else but to reach 3000 words today, then tomorrow, and everyday.. Have people recognize me as an obsessed and tireless writer.  Wish I could write at one of those tables.. Maybe I will, next week.. No school (break).  And I need a break, believe me.  Not waiting for someone or the world to give me one.  I’ll gift myself.  Zen… TOTAL Wellness, more reflective traits cementing my creative Equilibrium.. Read more.. Let Kerouac and Plath, Wolff and Hemingway lecture me.  Just be quiet I say to myself, listen.. Be a student, those in the 5 class, so early and ready with their journals out, waiting for me.  I’m waiting for me, too… I’ve BEEN waiting.