Project A

Full-timers laughing so loud in the conference room that my inner dialogue and calculations are cut like stitching string after the stitching.  My composure need be re-sewn.  Four pages for new book, completely ready for tomorrow morning, only have to go home put clothes out, shave and shower.  7:30.. wow.  Not since Spring ’14— or that’s not true.. Spring ’15 I did a 7AM, didn’t I?  Either way, I’ll be up early, and with the help of little Emma it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Going over plan for morrow.. syllabi… lecture….. HST excerpt.  I’m ready.  I actually may be too ready, if that makes sense.

The full-timers, still laughing, one calling the other a ‘strumpet’, and mentioning synonyms for the word and I am shocked at their lack of word arsenal.  Mentioning ‘trollop”, “slut”, and “floozy”.  Guess none of them write or adhere themselves to words as I do.  What about ‘courtesan’, or ‘paramour’?  I guess, as it’s so stated: Those that can’t do… (teach).  And why not, full-time?  Gives you the perfect justification to not write, just  act like you do, and act like an expert.  Just made me think.

4PM.  Time to leave, travel back to the Autumn Walk Studio and see the babies, get everything in position for meeting one in the earliest of morrows.  That, and I’m out of steam I think.  Can’t write all the time, all minutes of all hours and do so everyday (even though I may oftentimes come quite close).

The New Mike, this New Adjunct, comes alive tomorrow and will set all this on fire; my story and the thoughts of my students; peace and freedom sought and by term’s end entirely attained.  I’ll be on the Road, to Harvard and Columbia, Yale, Stanford.. sharing my ideas and bloggings and everything for the furthering and empowerment of students, and adjuncts… and, really, all educators.  Education itself and how it’s so often under attack from those wanting to defund or diminish funding.  The REAL movement starts now, and visibly TOMORROW.