Jedi Sunday

Both babies downstairs with me, Alice upstairs for some added rest and collection.  Both youngins calm for moment, but that could change so I rush my prose, Jackie watching a Star Wars movie for the who-knows-how-many-th time, and Emma yawning.. me thinking about the semester to start in 3 days.. have plan more or less cemented.. just need to edit..  starting with word “puissance”, with sights of encouraging students to embrace the class as they never—

Emma stares at me with a new smile-shape, and I can only smile, she taking a swing at the little plastic dangling teddybear hanging from the arch over her jittering seat.  She smiles again and swings again, her abilities compile by the day and I’m reminded of Time and its attack, aging me and my little beats— she hits again, this time the koala, makes some indecipherable utterance meant to convey contentment with her achievement.  She does impress me with her speedy development thus far, holding her head up without my aid, extending her legs and more or less standing when I hold her up of course, but very much taking control of her synapses and movements.

Jackie, my right, arranges his cars as he always does, wanting me to watch and saying “Daddy, look what I make for you…”, making me smile then look over at Emma, he telling me he wants to give her a kiss, I remind him “gentle”, then back to his cars, turning around to see what C3PO is doing.

Gave Jackie one of my keys after he protested virulently, telling me “this my working key, okay Dada?” I laugh and tell him

“That’s great, buddy.” I order.

8:03AM, waking Alice in 42 mins, then me to shower then up to H-burg Sq’…

Have to budget, have to get those books I wanted to, for Jackie and myself..

So much for the writing father to do, more than the father that doesn’t write, or the writer that has no enfants.

“Dada, look it…” He looks at the screen and I do too, laughing with him as Jaba talks.

“What are you doing, buddy?” I ask him.

“I need to play with my cars, okay?” he affirms, going back over to “Sissy” as he calls her, for a kiss.  “I give her another kiss, Dada.. okay?”