Project A

3:57PM in the tasting room.  Not one person.  All day.  Soon as 5 hits—  Interrupted by phone, sale of a case, Pinot, 375s.  Feel stuck in my writing at the moment, like it’s not falling as the rain does.  Put on some of my own wine beats, music that helps relax me and forget about the tech hiccups of the day.

And now what do I write, what do I say?  Is anyone reading this goddamn blog?  Don’t have the budget to print the pages and sell them as I’d like, or not at the moment.  Get a check from the other winery, Arista, tonight at midnight and I could devote all that to self-publishing about 35 pages of prose.. sell for $12.  Thirty copies.. but that’s only $360.  But I have to start somewhere… writings from earlier, the 1,000-word piece I finished on the couch, then the other short-short piece, post later.  Tonight over some wine.. my whole life, story, written.  Minimal editing.  Don’t have time to spend over three years on a book like some writers, nor do I have any clock surplus to wait for editor/publisher approval.. wine, writing, narrate this rain as it commands to just pour and not care what kind of mess I make, creative cataclysm— codified vernacular from a wild wine manuscript peddler— oh now my energy and artful extremism return just before I close this room.

Could use a beer.  What.  Where.  The Bear [Republic]?  No—  hate driving even after 1 beer now.  And my daughter needs a dad more disciplined and direct.

Eating almonds earlier dropped off by some vendor trying to sell their product— huh, like me with these strung sentences and pages.  How much will they make from their vend?  Maybe a lot— maybe a shit-ton.  Maybe they’re mass-produced and this is just their way of showing their face.. and if I printed, I could do the same, no?  The printings would be like exaggerated business cards, in a way, a way for me to meet readers and talk to them, a PR effort beyond soc’ media and the bloody blog…  Start with a $300 budget.. don’t go even a penny over.  Tried this before but now I have to make it come to some fruitful and forwarding fruition.. ‘thinking big’ as these entrepreneurs and social marketing sages say.

We’ll see.