Project A

Again in the tasting room with meditative moments and silences, me getting here late after tasting in Sonoma Valley with winemaker contact.  After this entry and pause I do plan on tasting through the wines, taking notes on each one, at least four lines per wine.  No clouds, not a drop of moisture from the sky and I’m tempted to up, leave, but of course I won’t as I consider this room a makeshift office and studio for me, for the moment (much like the Autumn Walk Studio) a place for me to fiddle with my visions with words and wines and me making my own wines.  One thing occurring to me, driving up here to the Square:  At this point in my story, self-employment and creative entrepreneurism is my only option.

Paid from winery and setting money aside, official seed budget for me, for mikemadigancrEATive.. more later.

Time to taste wine, each here and note what words first accost me in my meditation.. everything returning to the words, to the immovable nature of expressive and and narrative syllables.