Looking for online sessions to teach, but I have to find campuses that offer such, in English— found a few, my alma.. Foothill, the San Jose spot, a couple more.  Found my CV and Letter and other materials for FT apps… a positive.  Found some options for online courses this term, should I choose.  But either way, no matter what I decide, everything is about my teaching, the lectures and the writing of those lectures.

English 5:  Critical Thinking, going to approach the notion of conviction, and idea— making them your own.  And the connection to identity.  And how you don’t need to think “critically” to attain such, just genuinely, Humanly.

Giving myself till the end of ’16 to have a FT position.  However I do that, whatever I write to get me there, I will get there.  They will not keep me at the adjunct plank’s tip.

English 1A:  Composition.  Theory… again, ideas, starting with us.  How do you make a class out of Composition, something writers and these self-stroking pedagogues profess and profess but can never agree upon, or establish any definitional or conceptual clarity.  What is composed, what is composition, when and where and about what do we compose?  We’ll touch on self-assessment, voice, recital, and word variety, among other compositional cosmos…..

Carrying around my little journal that Mom and Dad gifted me, like a crazed writer, ready to trap any and all ideas— posting to teaching blog again, right after this entry.. thinking now, 4 books/class.. too much? HST, Hem, Plath, Kerouac (Road).. for 1A.  Then for 5: one of those ridiculous collections, HST, Plath poems collection, and Morrison’s ‘Beloved’.  Haven’t read that in a while.. there, I think I’m decided on texts.  But I’ll start the term, with the first lecture, with ideas not in the texts, in fact quite removed from..  English 5— “What are you doing here?” I’ll ask them.  I’ll look for responses with conviction, not lazy or dismissive responses.. I’ll have them evaluate each other, kindly but constructively.