a writer:  post 014

Last week.  I’m here, in the adjunct SRJC cell with another adjunct.  Just received the results of my latest “eval” and it was tremendously positive.  Next semester I aim to separate myself as the adjunct who not only IS a REAL writer and blogging entrepreneur, but the best educator in the department.. and yes it’s trite to aspire to be “the best”, but that’s very much what will happen next term.  10:38AM, and I hear a full-timer laugh in the hall as they ALWAYS do, but nothing getting to me.. after class I’ll cruise down to Petaluma for Dad’s gift, then back up to SR for a new phone, then whatever else the story calls for.  The 4 shot mocha very much helping, and pushing me to ignore the mood that wants to establish itself but I refuse its entry and placement.

You can see, feel and taste the relief in this building’s atmosphere– end of term, break ahead.  Break… maybe for some, but not for a writer.. we never break, have what they call vacation, some useless pause.

The other adjunct in here grades, which I should be doing but rather I need some language, some new Newness for moi.  SO, I look at the stack of papers I have to cruise through, do some re-grading, then done.. should only take me 30 mins or so.. that’s all I’ll budget for Self.  The class I’m to teach online is taking much of my thinking, of late, just recently nearly crashing into another car in the lot by Emeritus resulting from my wandering visions of the course’s content, and how the effort itself will embody and entail all my loves; writing, blogging, wine, teaching, lecturing, creativity, life, Zen principles, music, poetry… and probably much else.. but this online course, set to start Jan 6th, I think, will change so much, and make me more the father I want to be for Ms. Emma and little Kerouac.

Emma… EMMA.  Set to be here in less than 24 hours.– And my class will begin, 1/4/16, FYI–

Organizing and more in a lecturing mode as I type, think to myself about this, my, the now’s identity, writing, how I Self-present on page.  I’m in an office set for eduction, educators like myself, and I have a job to do for me and them, the students, and I already know I do it well– it provides this writer peace, a soothing musical math.

So I forward in that.