In the adjunct office, SRJC, now 13 days from my daughter being born and business ideas connected to writing and blogging keep circling my thoughts and now invading them and not letting them go in any way, shape, form or fold.  I’ll have my meetings with students today be quite brief, as I need to follow these ideas to fruitful fruition.. put my family in a position to never have a financial worry, EVER.

12:05.. taking a break from this entrepreneur brainstorming session I’m having to relax, I can smell the coffee cup, right, nearly empty and I remember I have to start editing the novel I wrote last month, the NaNoWriMo project, effort or whatever you want to call it.  Pushing my copywriting and editing services and thinking of other ways to make money crEATively, so I don’t have to be this adjunct to fee my babies, or just another tasting room pourer on the tasting room circuit, working somewhere new every 18-20 months.  That’s just sad, and sickening.

Thought about walking over to Maggini Hall, set up for class but there’s not that much to do today, other than talk about the final paper and brainstorm some ideas, work with students 1-on-1, and then meet a week from today to workshop drafts.  THEN, the most grueling semester of my life is over, and I can focus on my family and writing, and making more money…

Where am I?

What am I doing?

Asking myself these questions to generate writing and blog content:  And I’m in the shared adjunct office.  Hear full-timers (I think) in the hallway outside this door laughing and joking with each other in that infernal cutesy talk and joking about the time running out and how there’s “almost vacation in our midst”.  Maybe for them, I’ll be working– writing and blogging and selling everything I can and trying more wines to build my familiarity and content on blog– soon I’ll see the Road but I won’t be gone too long.. I know I won’t want to be away from little Emma just as I hate being away from little Kerouac.

That reminds me….

Need to post that piece I wrote yesterday to the Medium site..

Still no fucking check from the growers, and ‘S’ has ignored my past two emails.  Deciding next course of action but I’ll be meditated and premeditated before this evolves.

My thoughts are everywhere now with my morning’s ideas and writing more and blogging and being Autonomous, an entrepreneur, living off my life’s content and visuals, experiences and what be..

How ‘bout a walk, around the library, just observe, no pictures.. just immersion and feel the student experience, the pressure of finals and research and final papers.. struggling to get it all done.

I can relate, believe me.

Then the hallway goes quiet, a sharp silence that is sudden and gripping with a castle tower-like feel and void.. Then papers being shuffled, students meeting full-timers in their office.. and more, more.. I need to get out and walk around, feel air, rain if there is any (as there was earlier), and memorize, write without writing.