Adjuncts are always watching the clock.  I’m watching it now.  Till when I have to start class till when I can buzz back to Sonoma County.  What wine do I get for tonight?  Something to write about.. something red.  Budget, $30.  For 100 words.  But what.  Tired of Pinot, miss Cab, a little, going to make a Merlot next year.  So, Merlot then?  OR how ‘bout an SB?  Just read this one guy’s wine blog and there’s so much more I could be doing.. I can’t be shy.. I can’t be quiet, and I can’t let this adjunct shit interfere with what I really want and that’s to live in, write about, continue my story for WINE.

Have an idea…  Had out the packets in my mailbox for the students and their bloody end-of-semester exam the department requires.. the “CME”, for “Composition Mastery Exam”.  Which is a joke.. Hemingway didn’t master his own compositional style, so how do you expect a 370 (developmental section at Solano, section right before Composition) student?  This is to test INTO College Composition, and you want them to ‘master’ even an echo of it?  Poor souls…  I’ll do right by the students and move on, and into wine, those vineyards, like the walk I had this morning, more a taking of pictures with my phone, of a block 50-70 yards away..

12PM.  I should walk to my building, now.. get that shit out of my vertical mail rectangle and “prep”.  Joke.