Break from NaNo’ effort. 

I’m basically caught up, absent today’s pages.  Jackie not going down for nap, Alice getting ready for her shower, baby shower specifically, and I’m going to be up late tonight you can bet with the growers project.  I hope to wake early tomorrow, at farmer’s hour, 5AM.  Send email to Sean at the office, then more to NaNo book.  I’m actually quite proud I haven’t fallen too far behind, if you should know.

Gather more poems.. failed with the release date of Ocular Total.  But I’ll return to the book this evening.  Hoping to work till 12AM, then go to bed.  Writing the way vineyard crews work during harvest.  And I have no intention of slowing or stopping, till the semester’s done and I’m in my office.

Bringing “Fall 2015” Comp Book with me, pen, write thoughts, and headphones so I can listen to interviews, if I can– no, leave the phones here, just scribble thoughts on sustainable farming and bits of the talks you remember.. each interview and personality, so different and distinct.  Of course making me think but also provokes a strong introspective energy now about me.  Rather than just sit down here and scroll through my phone, I making myself stay busy, writing and brainstorming for mmc and vvv, and this blog.  The novel, all of it.  Why do I have to sleep? I think.  Why can’t I be up all hours working, getting closer to where I want to be?

Think Jackie may finally be asleep, finally.  Alice turns off the hairdryer, and I hear nothing.  No steps, no odd sounds from this laptop, nothing.  No wind, no drizzle, no passing cars on Barnes (other side of tracks behind houses across street).  Nothing.  So now I pause.  Now I collect.

Now I meditate a bit.