Parenting, you should have a strategy, right? 

Well, do I?  Not really–  Well, simply no.  This morning Jackie refused to budge from our bed, watching some cartoons, and yes I could have become loud and forced him, grabbing him by the arm or ear or something, his shirt?  But I did nothing of such dote.  I left him, gave him space, thinking of how I would want it, if I were him (aside from completely giving into his demands which were to remain in bed and watch the selected episodes of whatever that was, can’t remember, some pirates toon?).  I couldn’t completely surrender, but rather establish a communicative bridge.  And again, part of no strategy.  I’m learning this as I go, if I’m learning.  And my aim is NOT strategy, or method, or even pattern.  Now he eats his waffles on the downstairs couch, enjoys his morning as I do with this keyboard and second cup of coffee–  As I before wrote and typed: I aim to be the most perfected form of ME that I can exude before Emma’s entrance to stage.  And today, or rather this morning no more than ten minutes ago, a certain advancement.

Jackie continues to eat his waffles and I watch him, asking “How are they, buddy?” He nods, smiles, watches the Mickey Mouse show.  And, outside parents will have their opinions and convictions that they just need everyone to hear and follow, join their ideological enclave.  Mais, pourquoi?  What do these parents care about how I or any other parent interacts, teaches, raises, “disciplines” their children?  That’s the part I don’t have figured out, along with so much else.  And again, no strategy.  I just put myself in this little character’s place and wondered how else I would have this larger character act–  And, “Just give me some space!” I would have been thinking if I were his  petit Self.