2,000 words — barrel 5 (sample)

…be a tourist since I’m not traveling right now and it seems like everyone else is–  Mom and Dad in Munich, or they should be by now.  Neither of them write, really, but I hope they at the very least document their trip beyond the expected couple’s shots around the city, or on some river boat, at the table in a restaurant, and what be.  And they will.  I know my parents and I know they are familiar with the value of adequately capturing Life.  55 days till Emma’s landing.. till I’m bloody done with this semester, or at least in my head..  Then, it’s over.  This adjunct usualness.  The pattern the chase and this goddamn drive.  I would organize more and start some rebellion or movement, but for what?  I’m just moving on.. just moving on, on past the deans and the chairs, the full-timers and full-time adjuncts that still hope somehow that it will all work out, that one day they’ll be tenured– and why.  No.  I’m moving, in wine’s story and soon to my pages, around the country and around the world, meeting Mom and Dad in Munich, or Paris, Madrid.. everywhere.  Today, I travel to the Square and truly, wholly put myself in the tourist’s shoes.. walking around with that awe, that wonder with wine that I do myself have but not like someone from, say, Iowa, that’s never been here, that’s never walked around the square, that’s never worked at a winery, that’s never stopped into the Swiss Hotel for a beer– now there’s an idea!  No, have to be on the job, and like Hemingway no drinking while writing, not anymore, and like Kerouac ‘no getting drunk outside my house’.  Not that I have any sight of intoxicating to that or any degree, but I’m a tourist.  That’s the point.  I’m going on a trip for, I don’t know.. say… 90 minutes.  If I leave campus at 1:30, I should be parked and walking by 2:20, latest latest.  Should get a little note pad– no, just use the “FALL 2015 Comp Book”.. yes, so I just dodged an expense.  Look for wines and shops, food especially.. now I see more content and stories in food and little restaurants and eateries, especially the ones you can’t easily from the street see.  Doing something with bank accounts.. hold please…..  There.  $5 to credit card.  I’m going to pay that bitch down, off, done and gone one way or some other.  Selling my writing, the poems (due 10/29, a Thursday, my busiest day type this term).  Material material, all around me..  But I’m so lively and wonderfully scattered and only thinking about my wine story, this new ME that I can barely focus.  Not getting more coffee although it would be interesting to see what I type in terms of the characters around me and in my character with more fuel, nearing some intoxication or safe buzz from espresso, or that medium Roast–