Tonight I drink wine to drink it, yes, but to align myself with its motions and

momentum, this Sanglier ’13 Rouge Du Tusque.  I’m not allowing myself to descend to descriptors, orIMG_9061 go into one of my poetic meanderings, just know where I am and what I’m doing, after a day that quite tested the writer; having graded and regraded all those papers from the 1A sections, thinking I may not finish them.  But I did.  Then, lecturing for nearly 4 hours straight, one of my students leaving her cell phone in the class me taking it with me in my bag and later her calling me on my cell to let me know she left, I told her I know, I have it and it’s safe, her sounding a bit annoyed or unsure.  I’m not paying it a bit of attention, it resting in my bag over there in the study– quite the problem our dependency on tech, and much what I want to not think about sipping this red.  On the couch, after — oh, such a day.  These papers that follow me fucking everywhere and this book I’m trying to finish and me always saying I’ll wake at 5 but I never do.  I stop for a second, think.. about my friend Paula and her nursing studies and how she told me that it’s now becoming more immediate, more visual and much more than what’s in the classroom.  My envy of her pursuit and her studenthood, and newly told Personhood has me sure, that I’m a forever-student, learning, and I’m done with the patterns and now going after what I want which is in wine’s story and the making of; walking those vineyards, freedom in airs Sonoma.

I see everyone on the Road but me.

But that’s going to change.

Okay, now time for some wine and proverbial meditation.  Done with this day, welcoming tomorrow and all forces positive.