This morning is all about content for me and I’m giving myself a budgeted 90 min block of writing and playing with photography time.  Cup of coffee right, and I’m away writing.  Time to myself, this quiet and the ideas that come from music, thoughts of  my own wine Room– whatever form that takes..

Going to launch the new blog, the “startup” if you will in a minute.. fuck it– tired of waiting and delaying and waiting for my travels and running again.  Tired of wishing I wasn’t this adjunct that has to drive to Mendo and SCC.  I’m done.. and I don’t have bloody time to be delicate and producing so much content for others and not enough or at least an adequate amount for myself.

First bit of copy for posted image of the bled Syrah:  “Rosé in the making, pressed Syrah, the beginning of something beautiful.  Wine is about being shared, shown, and lived within.  Watching Winemaker and friend Glenn Alexander produce this right in front of me, showed me so much about what wine truly is, what it’s intended to be, and all the love that it, wine itself, warrants.”

And I continue to upload more pictures.. launching the startup with five posts.. this will be my new job, my new office and teaching me more about wine and winemaking as I along go, flow in the fermented streams of everything..

Uploading more photos, now a video, and another in a moment, then a little cluster of shots I took yesterday, and that should do it.  Walking into the Joseph Swan TR the other day with Tome and Tony made me realize that my blog should have that raw, gritty, wine life feel to it, somehow.  Done with cup, need another, more free time to myself to create freely.. second cup going and I’m here at the desk, looking at the time read 9:50 but I don’t care, I just write and look at these photos and again watch that clip of the Syrah being pressed, it raining red, or light red anyway.

More copy for site– no, I want it to be in the moment.. no script.  I need to break that habit, always having to write it beforehand.  Just write and post, write and post..