And in the morning I refuse to stress

about time, but rather embrace the time with Jackie as he sips his water and watches the same ‘Guppies’ episode for the second time. Already I feel the days diligent heat on this lower floor of the Autumn Walk base.  I’ll work from home, no Starbucks typing.  Anymore the people annoy me and I’m more for the quiet of this castle and the coffee of my own making.  Well, I don’t know how much “making” is involved, more just pressing a button, “Brew”.  More than enough time to collect Self and foresee the day before leaving with Jack in the car and truly experiencing the outside air.

Later an adjunct, but one defiant and creative and relentless in his typings and ideas shared with the students.  Short fiction and tales from students about their lives and weekends, and what the weather did or din’t do for them.  Everything for us as characters I’m seeing is shifted by the weather.  The hot, the clouds, any rain if we get it, the wind, fog…  We react, especially as writers.  The heat for me, now in this chapter-set of my life, or story, is just slowing, and very compromising to my mood.  So when it’s hot or I know the meter’s going to read a particular degree, you’ll notice that I know, and just what I think and how I’m affected.

7:33…  Reminded of those morning sessions I’d have in the parking lot of the Kenwood Market, or the overflow lot of that winery itself before going in.  I was angry when the session ended, when I couldn’t look at that tree anymore and when the birds would fly away from me opening my door.  But now I’m here and more free.. and with more time to generate profitable ideas.  And they precipitate this morning for sure, to everything from this novel to the startup company, to my current business practice.. more creativity and more images of wine and the story it tells and what it’s not supposed to be in my mind.