No On Campus

And working feverishly.  But even with my fever I couldn’t, can’t, and won’t finish grading.  But my lecture’s all written up.  On blog.  Going to bookstore to get something for papers, keep them in one secured, enclosed and encased space.  Long time till the semester ends, but I can’t focus on Time in anyway just have to keep writing and consolidating, no more taking on new projects.  Have room for only one more in mikemadigancrEATive, as the Grape Growers set up my first meeting with a grower, over which I’m beyond ecstatic.  The one thing, and as I can see it the ONLY element or task that will slow me is grading.  God. Damn. GRADING.  But no more.  I’ll grade tonight and tomorrow and everyday even when there’s no grading to be done.. teaching will take priority as I’ll be writing in my Comp Book, this semester a novel or collection of small standalone moments..11:52 and I’m in need of more coffee, and a writing session in the Library, or maybe here where I listen to the full-timers grieve and moan and cite what their students do in class to throw them off.  Well, I ask, or would ask, “if it’s working shouldn’t you change your instructional direction?”

Have to get to the bookstore, then drop something off at car in C Lot, then to get coffee and a little writing.. may write in the Maggini Room.  No.. I will.  “May”… huh.