Haven’t yet posted last night’s material

but I soon will.  Jackie up and dressed but time thins.  Less than two weeks till my half-marathon, so I need a heft run today for sure, before anything; before writing and blogging and social media for clients.. run.  Then to Napa, client’s base.  Then back here for J’s swimming.  Tonight, not a IMG_7124-0drop of bloody wine.. not one..  Just writing and recording, networking and marketing– as a businessman or whatever I need to do that more, I know, market my services.  And the business cards, only yesterday did I get around to finally exploring designs.  So I’ll finish that today, as well.. Thinking of taking the long way back to Sonoma County, taking 29 up to Healdsburg, Alexander Valley, then to 101, for the material and the shots, footage and what’s out there for me.. all wine!  All images and stories and me on the Road.. it’s happening today, with this new routine of mine.

7:29– move quicker.. want to be on the pavement, running on Summerfield (launching from old condo) by 9AM.. 10 miles projected.. stretch!  Pace Self, and enjoy the run, forget the numbers..

(8/10/15 morning)