First chance to write, now, at 5:13.  In adjunct cell and still going.  Editing for client 2, after today’s meetings then class, which I’m sure is to be short this evening, as they only have their papers now to write, and keep a journal while doing so.  When home, I’ll write some more, for client 1, then for myself, start my tentative website, and again have the alarm set early, for 5, as my wife insisted this morning around 4, claiming 4 was too early to run and not safe.  Have to love her, even more than I do, for that.  But I didn’t rise even after setting the alarm for 5 and then just turning it off when it sounded, not running at all.  But after the meeting with Glenn I did get in 8 miles of speedwork on the treadmill, at gym.  Showered quick, and now here, after iced coffee and into sparkling water.  Tonight I’ll be opening something, some wine, but what who knows.. writing something, client 1 like I said, but what.. thinking fiction, something narrative, that embodies character, wine, “wine education”, wine SELF-education, and life direction.  5:24, but I thought it was later.. how’s that?  Not sure.  Have to do a budget check when home.. money goes so fast, as you know, and you know I know and hate.  WHY!  Have to fill in the income gaps, and I have with these two clients a bit (thank the Craft for them), but I need more, something tangible to sell, not just my services as a writer and editor.. how.. little books, stories.. poems.. entries.. yes, now it to me comes.. I know I’ve entertained and boasted this idea before, but now I can fund it–  little pieces from the wine-writing ME; favorable and crazily, wildly written wine “musings” or/and delusions, just visions of me in the vineyards and– OH!  Can’t forget to charge all my equipment before launching into the vineyard with Glenn tomorrow, see how the fruit progresses.