So much on the writer’s mind

in the way of clients and everything else.. but now I need to calm, in the final minutes before sleep.  And now I calm, know what I need to do– this is the exhaustion talking, from the 6.53 mile run, that I nearly quite halfway through.  But then I thought, just slow down, finish the running, or writing.  I’ll wake tomorrow at the 4AM spot, the launching hour– and I will launch but at the page.  Everything here by the couch.  And the memoirs and novels on their way.. everything on this desktop up for grabs.  Hate that expression.  But I know what I’m intending with this remark, and the books on the way will define me.. deadlines.. all in the head of this writer, and being taken more seriously than before.  I shouldn’t be writing now.  I should be asleep.  I should be resting as in the morning I will be working when most of this block, if not all, will be asleep.  So the writer closes the day, closes, comes back to write in the earliest of morrows, and I will be here on this couch with coffee so early that I’ll surprise myself and my readers.  Simplifying.. consolidating…  One book after the other.  And that will be it, like winemakers with their vintages.