mmc notes

Already through one cup and watching Jack play and eat his two “faffles”.  All I can think about is mmc and the idea that it is and how finally I think I’ve had that idea.. THE idea that I’ve been waiting for, and if you look at the concept and wording, it’s entirely singular and simple, using what I already have.  Me, my name, and the concept of ‘creative’.  And being creative is how I will EAT, feed my family, buy the next house.  I keep looking at the website of that Maine agency and study, studying, everything from where they are to how their site is laid out to… everything…..

I should have some time to work on my idea, and plan, and write notes for tomorrow’s meeting.  Need to have the good camera ready for my vineyard visit..  And today.. a pic an hour, then react later, write 100 words per post and pic and move forward from there.. wine and wine and where it comes from, the entry from last night has me thinking and knowing that all generates from and materialized from the cosmic entity of the vineyard.  THAT is my symbol, my nucleus ideology; what propels me to crEATive effulgence..

7:27AM.  Another cup on its way, and when back from taking the little beatnik to school I’ll ready for work and not write, just think and let the ideas that have the profitable promise simmer, for if they’re meant to be paginated, they’re a gem-set.