another note

Home.. told myself I wouldn’t write and that I’d just relax but I can’t, too much on mind with this bottledaux for the Bottled Ox–  Full from dinner, the Orange Chicken Alice fixed.. sleeping downstairs as Jack has already occupied our bed, too hot in his little quarters.. need A/C for the A-Walk fort, and soon, as warmer temps are suggested for the coming days.  Putting everything into the bottle, this Literary Ox, AND logging everything that concerns wine, and food, my Lit approach to wine MUST entail food as well, I’m finding, which means I need to teach myself to cook, and fast, find my own moveable feasting of sorts…

10:12.. going to sleep earlier than I usually do, and I need to, more sleep for the writer and more of a Literary discipline, with waking and writing and having a certain wordcount before I walk out the door.  Thinking about it, everything, me a blogger and now a more vocal one– but, I don’t know, taking things, Life, in a different way.  Toward TOTAL Wellness…..