This morning, a total dad and husband and

homeowner mode.  Jack dressed and ready with front lawn touched and hydrated and already looking better after yesterday’s nutrient add.  Time now 7:15.. laptop low battery..  there, charged, and I love the freedom and fluidity of this morning, and the coffee that me awaits.  Still need to get some for the Autumn Walk base.  Have to ready Self further for day… post to blog throughout day, and devote more material to it.. and the blog I’m writing for, I want the articles done by tonight, somehow.. I’ll type when I can at work, take a 20-minute break and attack the Sonoma Tours piece.  Then to the dog-friendly hotels in Napa, then my favorite, the Beautiful Sonoma Wineries..

7:22, my Time cushion dissolves, so upstairs to wash face then pack bag then J’s bag the rush to coffee shop, possibly get him a treat if he’s good of course then for my coffee (no I can’t get coffee while I’m there with him, in and out’s the best strategy.. yesterday I used the drive-through at Farmers).  THEN, to condo, plug in the CO detectors.  THEN, to Arista, Westside Road…

And off I go…..

Further centering, and consolidating.