Today, about

re-posting and marketing. Was just standing here with my coffee thinking of all I’ve written, all the sittings devoted to the blog and if I don’t redress them or revisit them, even re-read them with some sway then they’re forgotten, a wasted effort– not even “wasted”, just forgotten altogether.. I don’t want that and WILL NOT have that for any of my standalone pieces, poems, entries, jots rants scribbles none!

Taking Jackie to school then from there to Starbucks where I’ll write two MOCK SOMM pieces, both on.. well you’ll see.. and some micro fiction, maybe, eitherway I want two hours of undisturbed writing.. and the rewriting I thought of last night.. today will be a day for me, no doubt, even the dentist office visit I look forward to. Fill these income gaps, I order of myself, and fill them quickly.. once that happens I’ll be more centered.. get Creative, think inside no box!