journal, 5/8/15

With us now in Autumn Walk, I have to be more focused than I’ve ever been– and more content, more writing, more of everything but especially the writing and the stories and the exploration of wine’s world and mikeMADIGANcreative, the little business idea that I’m putting out there– a project, see who bites.. I’ll keep posting and advertising my services.. something has to happen at some point, it has to, again I think about everyone owning their own business and how batshitcrazy some of these people are– and if they can do it then I without a doubt the writer and professor can.. the insurance broker, the wine shop owner in Sebastopol, the wedding planner, the wine broker, all the real estate agents… so many I’ve met I can’t think of them all, now, but I’m headed to their league, and I’ll top the standings, just watch.
6:34, Alice & Kerouac still asleep. Right shoulder still hurting.. need coffee… No wine tonight… wonder if I was paid from that pigpen of a college… so much on mind I can’t stop thinking– guess this is what it feels like to finally grow up.. just focus on Autumn Walk, the house and the concept of each word– Autumn, when all slows down, more color and vibrance in the slowing down and nearing a nice rest, the air flawless and gentle in all its notes. And the walk, not rushed, not a run, just a walk to collect thoughts and material and characters– falling into that “Creative coma” as Capote did. I with my ideas this morning, need let them simmer, don’t write so much, have some coffee and relax. Again, walk, no rush.. live for a bit, don’t write… Ride the river, as Michael said.