In a coffee count.

To the winery, which takes about either hours of my day, then to dinner with Alice.. so I worry, when will I write? When will I prep adequately for Tuesday? Woke this morning from a nightmare that I wasn’t at all prepared for class, and the students knew so they upon me swarmed like ravenous wasps. That won’t happen, ever.. the semester closes and I must end strong.. revealing no specific plans here but know that I have some explosive, vibrant, and magnetically layered material and ideas for the students..

Today, I’m an adjunct, a professor, not a wine blogger or wine force of any kind, justing writing while admiring wine..

On Estate and the clouds seem to have scattered.. writing lecture through out day, absent of quotes from selected MSS.. I’ll add that later. My plan, this ‘master plan’ ‘solution’ approach, taking more shape and accumulating gravity.. more later, but just know I’m noting, and everything I write today will be in Tuesday’s lecture.. starting with a reflection of Life, Death, and what the living do after death, in the presence of it, and how it shapes their character..

To the tasting room, pen moving, me moving, noting, reshaping, from yesterday only Life–
new shapes of calculated rushes…..