Edit Log…..

Okay.. started officially editing ‘Avarice’. A teacher looked into the window, large glass piece in center of door, to see if her student could use this room for taking a test, I told her “sorry”. See? That’s what I mean.. we adjuncts just juggle. I’m not mad at her, but I would be or will be if she’s FT. Hungry, and in a mood, too much of one to finish with Day 1 of the book. Force myself.. force it! — There. Done with Day 1. Only 357 pages of reading left.. ugh. But it’s my writing.. my book, and I have to do it! So do it, writer! Wonder what kind of breakfast they have here on this campus.. eggs.. oh please! French toast? Maybe .. or maybe some breakfast burrito with everything. Don’t care. I’m hungry, the hungry adjunct at present.. but where would I eat it? Need quiet.. need peace and distance from others.. so where.. where? In my car? Parking lot? Or back up here in this adjunct area? See.. if I had my own office this wouldn’t be an issue..
A run today, will be hard with how tired I am. My wife informed she’s already logged over 5. Good for her. She deserves the break, the time off, that’s for sure, which isn’t really time off as she watches little Kerouac all day..
When done editing ‘Avarice’, just publish it online.. solicit buyers, sell it however you can! The goal here, with me, for my Life, is to live from the characters paginated, the scribbled and or typed efforts. Simplicity in Creative conductivity–

Had breakfast burrito, at large table here in adjunct area, or faculty area. I don’t know whose this is. Not as good as Kenwood’s. Dr. Pepper, as well. 11:01.. more than ready for 1B. I may be too planned, actually. But with events wherever, I’m through Day 2 in Avarice. On page 7, officially. So.. 353 to go. Want it done in 20 days, including today. That’s 18 pages a day, to be read, of my own writing. More than doable. DONE. It’s interesting, though, I must say, reading the book so far and seeing how angry the Kenwood estate made me; it drove me to the unhealthy and the not-at-all-enviable version of MAD. That will never happen again. I’m surprised I survived Fall semester, to be honest. But I did and here I am much stronger and focused than I’ve ever been before, and working with a winery that understands not only who I am but WHAT I am. A writer.. reader.. and I guess teacher, or professor or whatever.
18% left on laptop. Need to do a practice run of 1B, although I’m quite sure I don’t need to. Restless.. just waiting for class.. looking at the clock.. need to wash hands.. some odd sticky stuff on right. Oh.. and 20 day from now would be….. April 12th, since I’m counting today. Good. Straight on that, now.