IMG_4987Friday. Yes the 13th. But so what. Just landed at Arista and I’m already wondering what stories are toward me headed. Only glimmer, gems, lessons, I’m sure. And the adjunct story, always with me.. Brought Comp Book and will be noting notes for Tuesday’s–next Tuesday’s–lectures. Thought yesterday, and I’ve thought this before, but combine the three: blogging, writing, teaching. Keep wine as a subsubsub-subject. Just for fun. Again I’ve thought this time and time again but for some reason yesterday I was commanded by the idea quite fiercely.IMG_4990
Lifting my head to look at the old fence build by Mr. Harper, then the Two Birds Vineyard, all Pinot I’m pretty sure, then right to the hill, another tree which I’ll make mine like the last one in Sonoma Valley. And to the day I go, surrendering kindly and open to story. Just a note from an adjunct at a winery, welcoming distraction and diversion from any stress or toxic preoccupation.
Didn’t run this morning, played with Jackie instead. No regret. But tomorrow, miles and miles, no excuses.. sleeping in running gear, waking to alarm to roll to street. Raw. Not even a brushing slight of teeth. Just stomps. In dark. Watch sun ascend while I head down Summerfield.. notes, notes… Pinot and the vineyard, breaking buds, new vintage new story new ME and new everything to page. What do I thank? The day, the hill over there, Arista? WHAT?
No internet connection. So I’ll post this later in day.. building a business, a business practice around blogging and brief posts, nothing more than 500 words? Not sure, just thinking, I’m allowed to think aloud, right? And if not, I will anyway. I’m the Bottled Ox…
10:15.. don’t think ‘K’ is here yet, but I’ll get out anyway, get a headstart on opening.. get into character– well, I don’t have to do that here. I can just be the wine-loving/writing/blogging adjunct. Not a bad arrangement…..