Day 1

Far better than I estimated, and I expected quite high.  Tired, though, as I was on all day, but captured by all angles and views of the property.  Nothing graded today but I figure I deserve the night and day before away from the papers as all day yesterday I was on, forcing Self to sit with those submissions.  Running in the morning, between 6.2 and 7 miles.  Tired, like a said, a writer drained but still thinking.. the best option for me, certainly the most practical, would be to take the rest of the night to relax, then re-attack page in morrow.  Barrel tasting tomorrow, day 1, but we’re not participating.  BUT, you can be sure there’ll be crowds, so I need be rested (which is ironic as before my day behind the bar, pouring and talking about that Chard, the two Pinots and that Zin, I’ll be running, and running for time, not just to run.  Thinking about my lectures and the impact on the students, them taking control of their own stories and scribing their own convictions…  Nothing to waste, all efforts logged..  I have ideas tonight, just know, and the first day at the winery, this RRV property is much the proponent of my new boldness.