Having trouble waking this morning.

Not sure why. I had decent sleep, decent enough, I guess. Sipping the large coffee and watching the clock get closer to 7. Definitely taking a nap when I get back home. I’ll write when back from 1B, then go for a nice calm 5 mile run, maybe stretch to 6.2. Winery tomorrow.. have to work on grad writing, the ‘Grim’ project. And grade, twenty items a day, my new aim and approach. 6:30 right now, and I think I feel the coffee working, finally. Sun coming to our eyes earlier now, that is until daylight savings, which I still don’t understand, conceptually.
Poetry reading tonight.. not going to read, I’ve decided. I want this to be about exposure to poetry, for the students and myself, and to do a little surveillance on the venue, if you would.
Just had a realization concerning what I’m to discuss in this morning’s session. About having a ‘want’, about a character chasing something. It gives them life, and they know what they want and won’t halt thill they hold it. I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I see something, reader, just know…
Found a new direction for this morning’s talk and meeting, oh how I’m hoping I don’t take a nap, now, when I get back home. I need to write, I need to live from my words and the markings, the typings onto and into this page. I’m tired of jobs, of having a job, of having to have a job. I will teach up to seven classes if I have to! Anything to avoid the normality that injects itself into live, lives, so many lives! All around me!
Have to get to the classroom. And I have ideas for them! This coffee finally landed, pushing me to what I want and what I have to have; survival, sustenance, a defiance of Time.