Yesterday’s 3 pages, split

between this laptop and the Comp. I’ll fix later, maybe tomorrow after 1A. For today, I breathe, I think of what I thought yesterday, “What if I just took Life by the throat and made it do what I wanted?” And I mean, with wine, with the writing, with blogging, everything Art-leaning. Just time for a short paragraph, looking for singularity, and when in doubt, look at little Jack, his contentment with everything, nothing bothering him; that’s poetic, that’s Life, what we should all reach for.
Didn’t finish the poem I started, the one to read, but I will at lunch today, promised. Fun today, looking for fun in everything, and desires in wine and dreams connected to wine, what it invites and all the stories, the stories. Thinking of going in late, to get some work done, maybe this poem.. just added a couple lines, thinking for some reason of the lone Cyprus down in Monterey, or close to Monterey where Alice’s parents live. More poems, more standalones, more singular pieces, and who cares if they’re short? They can be read! Not everything I write can be some mammoth opuswork! And I don’t want my Literary career and sole cannon to be seen so.
Jackie dressed now a countdown, the everymorning scratch. Waiting on contact from industry allies that I haven’t heard from in a while.. wrote one a letter last night, just to say hello and as I said reconnect. Just realized there’s a bit I’ve started recently and have failed to close, project-wise, but that won’t be the case with this poem, and certainly not this project.. can’t believe it’s day 78, and I am where I am in so many respects, many of which need not note in this paragraph.. but I’m grabbing life, not by the throat, but by the hand, and letting it, the Story, LIFE, show me something, something new, the Road and all else, reminding me of Nat, the character I met in the TR the other day, how she just leapt, ‘went for it’ as they say. And why not, with how short the Story is?