DAY 63: tu 1/13/15

On campus, never been here this early before. Was up just before 5, now with coffee from BUX and notes for 1A done I can collect a bit. Going to print the 1B syll in a minute, but how early I woke this morning, driving to copy place in dark, odd and early and quiet ambiguous hour. Asked the guy at copy place if he was working the graveyard, he nodded with a tired smile, eyes essentially closed. And here I am, only minutes before starting the semester that’s to make me, to define me, to get me out of the bloody winery and free me from blandcracker normalcy.
Oh how this coffee works, and me reading Kerouac at this hour, letting that energy and momentum sink into my writing character and defy the hour, I don’t care what the clock says. Should print this 1B pageset,t hen go to my room. 1607 is it? Can’t remember.. will look at my syllabus like one of the eager and embarrassed students– oh shit have to print roll or roster.. damnitalwayssomething.