Brainstorm 2

wine — wine and media — visual, pictures and video — tasting — red wine, some white — interviews — odd pictures of people tasting — goal: to get more people out here or get people to “follow” what happens out here — no drama, only fun —

Those videos or documentary clips I saw about the adjunct life and what the universities and colleges do to the adjunct is very much dominating my vision and thoughts this morning.  The above brainstorming is the last thing I wrote last night, after a day of well over 3,500 words.  And the wine world itself, I mean.. there’s no career in the tasting room, and I don’t want to be in distribution, and if I were to start a production path I’d start at the bottom of the bottom.. so, “in a perfect world, what…” as Dad posed that night at Monti’s.  Well…  I’d write, I will write, but how to have it launch.  The teaching blog has to go, so only left is bottledaux, the messy and honest and wine-driving blog/writings of ME.  But maybe that’s just what’s definitively necessitated at this juncture.  Time for coffee and time for freedom, real CHANGE, no more of this bagged labor.  Wish I could sight my sources for yesterday’s findings, they were clips on Youtube and it was absolutely horrifying, what percent of faculty, on average at secondary schools, is adjunct or– can’t remember the other term they used– in relation to tenured or tenure-track.  And the presidents and provosts and chairs and those clownish slugtroll deans always have their raises and incentives and who knows what else behind doors they keep closed.  I’m not staying silent anymore, and what can they do, fire me?  Oh no.. I’ll lose my…  Oh yeah they don’t give me benefits.  That’s what I get from pouring wine 40 hours a week, repeating the same information and story and pitch, day, day, day.

There was a part of one video that cited how teaching pay has dropped why other administrative and “executive” rolls have ONLY seen increase.  And the adjunct roll is interesting when you think, especially when they call us ‘part-time faculty’.  Some adjuncts, as I used to, teaching considerably more sections than a full-timer and work just as devotedly if not more so, in fact many time much more ‘so’.  But it’s our choice if we decide to let Them do this to us.  And now, me, at this point in the writer’s life I’m just saying ‘no’.  No more ‘so’.