Not yet started on the three pages but I will be editing the novel today, quite a bit of it.  It’s just sitting there and I hate that, HATE IT.  Coffee ready but not one sip.  Surprised I have this much fire pre-cup.  Alice called me upstairs a bit ago, since Jack booted me from bed at around 4-something, to see a sunset and the pink-bent orange that it threw to each of the sky’s provinces.  Today, I’m bound for material and for fruition; the novel, the papers I have to grade.  Everything.  [sigh]  If only I could stay home, imagine how much progress I’d make.  Have to do on the clock.  I’m outside in that lounge area today.  Foot left still smarts from last night’s treadmill run.  If I do that marathon in Santa Cruz, which I’m quite convinced I will, it’s 182 days at the front, so I have time to ready.

Jackie showing off how much more energy he has than papa.  Fine, he wins, and he knows it.

Distracted at the moment, coffee and Jack and what I have to grade and the rest of the semester and the goddamn drive tomorrow–  Be back.  Not sure when.  Need exploration.  Need Newness.  Life.  Art.  quiet.

organize before leaving for winery

one poem  havent written one in a while

i hate punctuation and capitals

more music in prose

where the papers and pages from novel