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Ms Alice, a five miler.  Now, readying for bed, and hoping to rise at Cathy hour, just before 5AM.  Back in the tasting Room tomorrow, and I don’t know what I’ll ingest, or sip, or touch, or hear– I feel like I’ve been gone for years.  And the rest of last night’s Zin that I had tonight, much brighter and less hidden in its expression and overall oration.  Again, if I didn’t say this in last night’s entry, one of the most well-whirled Zins I’ve ever had, and I mean ever.  MY sister showed me through that bottle that Zin’s can have composure, restraint, stature and sense.  No, I won’t start chasing Zins now, but I’m definitely more open to them and now I know what I like in a Zin.  But aside from wine’s world, I’ll be reading more from the novel.  Those 10 pages are right here, at right, atop papers that haven’t been graded.  If that doesn’t scream what my true interests and priorities are then I don’t know what does.  From what I’ve read of the first page, I’m not that dissatisfied.  GOAL: 1 page read/edited before bed.  That’s it.  Should gather bottles for tomorrow night’s dinner, and some gift bottles for Mom & Dad.  Was much more comforting having Dad at the meeting this morning, and shocking to see how quick Kevin scribbled and crunched and layered those numbers on that legal sheet sequence with those blurred blue ink blotches.  Never seen anyone move a pen like that on paper for the sake of numbers.  Yes I hate math but what he did was Art, showed the numerical novas with Copernican Cubism.  It was Art but something else, and maybe something more, something I could never do so I was amazed.  I pretended I was listening but I was really just watching him throw the numbers to the yellow papers knowing I would write it later, then I listened, and there was cogency to his dialogue– this man’s an expert, he has expertise, yes he’s a “professional”.  Am I that with writing?  Am I as fluid and versed in words as Kevin is in algebraic urge?