11/5/14. [no edits]

Still feel run from yesterday.  Tired.  Had regular black coffee this morning, no mocha as anymore they make my stomach enraged.  In the quiet spooky hall here in Mendo’s library building.  Finally finished the thousand word piece from yesterday, on what a crazy busy day I had, my day off.  But it always works that way.  It wasn’t a day off at all and tomorrow’s set to be quite the same.  Time now 8:44 and my day’s pacing thus far seems to be agreeable.  Have a lesson plan for the day and we’re about to get into Sedaris’ essays.  Can’t wait, frankly.. I love his writing and how honest, unfettered and daring it is.  And anymore that’s how I’m going to be–  Yesterday, when I could write, was about centering my Self as a writer, finding my ‘beat’ and going forward with that for the rest of my life, sure I could deviate or take on new interests here and there but nothing that would compromise my overall aims too significantly.

Students, always with an excuse and always with a story and always with an escape plan.  I herald them, frankly.. I wish I could be that consistently inventive with stories.  This happened, then this, then my friend has this happen and I had to be there for him, and his sister, and his mother, and help the neighbors help them.  Wonderful, but could you repeat that so I could write it down please?  This is part of the adjunct game and, well, everyone, I quit!  I don’t quit the students, I quit the game, and stretching mySelf too thin.  No more.  And actually, I feel different today.  I have a different and more diversified attitude– no, disposition– no, character!  Yes, I have more character and I’m a more likable character, to me, I’d love to hear what you think, reader.

I should edit this piece, really quick, what I wrote yesterday.  But I hate editing!  Grow the fuck up, I know.