Sent ‘Academic Cal’ to McSweeny’s.  That’s two days of submission.  Not getting too excited, but this is a change for me, certainly.  Alice’s alarm went off, but no movement.  Poor sweet, she’s probably exhausted bunking with the little artist and getting his kicks and nudges and moans.  Yes, I’ve decided, I’m staying home with Jack, to give him his new medicines and keep an eye with and on him.  I don’t want him in that germ pot preschool today.  He should be here with Papa.

Now 12% on batt.  Want today’s thousand words, or a thousand from today to be sent somewhere…  Hear him talking.  The day starts.

Now Jackie’s downstairs and I’ve committed to staying home with him.  I’m a dad staying home with my son to ensure he well mends.  So there.  What’s the counterargument?  There isn’t one.  Having one of my French Vanilla cappuccino cups.  Remind me of all the stories in Paris and Burgundy and all the thousand other parts of Paris I didn’t see.