Wise, Collect

Rain.  Wet outside.  And I’m off to the clock, the wage cage, the task tavern, or whatever other nametag I want to attach.  Rain means no outside lunch which means no benches on Warm Springs, and I’m definitely not eating or writing or grading in that goddamn breakroom, so to the park, in car, work.  Jackie with his waffle and cartoon, me eager to do something out of character, something bizarrely scholarly, defiant, like Mary in ‘Garden of N. American Martyrs’.  Sipping coffee, but slow, you know that, and the writings compile.  I did print 2 articles before leaving the library last night, one on Postmodernism and the other on Tolstoy, his fiction style and the notion of Art in it, I think it’s called ‘Art Inoculation’ or something near.  Jackie doesn’t like that I’m writing right now, so I hold till after I leave him with Merryhill.  No writing on estate.. Kenwood lot, maybe with one of those breakfast burritos and a sparkling water.  Not in the mood for coffee, oddly, but it’s not so much an oddity as it be a boon: out of character, CHANGE.

note: write out lectures–