7:38AM.  Watching something with Jack and counting till departure.  Still haven’t read Dav’s letter.  Will do so when I get to writing destination which I want to be Hood Mountain’s foot.  Not in the mood for people, that gardening or landscaping crew.. any traffic.  I want quiet and a view of those tall trees that tower over me like atmospheric mentors, or some scenic choir.  Feel a little tired from yesterday, seems to be the story for this semester, a lot of exhaustion.  I’ll get used to it eventually, I hope.

Today, going to Warm Springs.  Alone.  Which didn’t happen yesterday at lunch, and I have no regrets but I need collection a time and new space to write, and contribution to the novel in a way I don’t demonstrate elsewhere.  Coffee, second cup.  I think about the Roasting Company every so often, in Napa, when I worked at the box.  I’d go there for lunch to write, be away from the gossip of Lisa and Tina and find myself in a better place mentally, that is till I went back to the office.  That office, death.  Gray walls, that “professional” carpeting, and the swivel chairs, goal sheets and campaigns pinned or thumb-tacked to the wall.